Welcome to the website of Professor Huaiping Zhu. I am a professor of Applied Mathematics and director of Laboratory of Mathematical Parallel Systems at the York University, Canada

Hale Conferences: Dynamics of Evolution Equations.
March 21-25, 2016
Centre International de Rencontres Math¨¦matiques (CIRM), Luminy,FRANCE.

LAMPS Seminar Series on Climate Change and Vector-borne Diseases

Symposium on Surveillance, Modeling, Dynamics, Prediction and Control of Vector-borne Diseases
August 27, 2015
York University.

Ontario climate change projections: OCCP Data Portal 2015

Ontario Climate Change Factsheet (V.2014): Summary for Policy Makers

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  38. The first step is to become more conscious of our focus. We start by bringing our complete attention to whatever it is we are being, doing, having, saying, creating. That means opening up our discerning lens, like on a camera, to let more light in to make things clearer.

    الکسیس چت

  39. The shift to the New Reality is to a life based on an internal focus. In other words, a fundamental connection with a higher power … be it yourself, God, the Universe, angels, Source – whatever or however you describe what that energy is.

  40. centered on things, whether that be money, people, material possessions, fame, fortune, status, career or whatever is wanted from the world. These are the things that humanity has been seeking for fulfillment, for happiness, for what makes us feel good. There is no fundamental

  41. New Reality? Primarily it is a shift in focus. We shift from an external focus, which has been the way of life on this planet for a very long time, to an internal focus that is a new way of life.

  42. , career or whatever is wanted from the world. These are the things that humanity has been seeking for fulfillment, for happiness, for what makes us feel good. There is no fundamental internal spiritual connection, only external. As a result, this external focus makes our

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