Graduate Students                   Postdoctoral Fellows

Pei Yuan
Phd Sept. 2017—
Goutam Saha
Phd Sept. 2017—
Bing Hu
Phd Sept. 2015—
Theory and applications of stochastic dynamical system. Modeling, analyzing and evaluating the impact of climate change on vector population and transmission of vector-borne diseases.
Wenzhe Li
PhD Sept. 2014—
Dynamical systems. Bifurcation theory and applications. Statistical and dynamical, temporal and spatial predictive modeling of mosquito distributions and human risk of West Nile virus; Environmental impacts on mosquito abundance; Transmission dynamics of vector-borne diseases.
Yiyuan Wang
PhD Sept. 2013—
Dynamical systems and mathematical biology. Multiscale modeling and dynamics; bifurcation theory and applications. Transmission dynamics of vector-borne diseases: modeling, analyzing, assessment, prediction and control. The impacts of weather and urban settings on vector abundance and the transmission of West Nile virus.
Longbin Chen
PhD Sept. 2011–2017. Co-supervised with Steven Wang
Mathematical and statistical models of culex mosquito abundance and transmission dynamics of mosquito-borne diseases with weather Impact, dimension expansions in generalized linear modeling for processes with unobservable information. Regional climate change projections. Now Bank of Montreal.
Don Yu
Ph.D. Sept. 2011–2017. Co-supervised with Neal Madras.
Impact of changing climate on mosquito abundance forecasting; Vector-host disease transmission dynamics of West Nile virus. High resolution statistical downscaling of Global Climate Models (GCM).
Yurong Cao
Ph.D. Sept. 2009– Co-supervising with Xin Gao.
Ahmed Abdelraze
Ph.D. Sept. 2008–June 2014.
Now Tenure-Track assistant professor at American University in Saudi Arabia.
Chunhua Shan
Ph.D. Sept. 2009– Aug. 2013.
Now Tenure-Track assistant professor in University of Toledo, USA.
Qingling Zeng
Ph.D. Sept. 2006– June 2011.
Now Associate Vice President, Financial Crimes & Fraud Management Group, TD Bank.
Rongsong Liu
Ph.D. Sept. 2002–Aug. 2006. Co-supervised with Jianhong Wu.
Now professor at the Department of Mathematics and Department of Zoology and physiology, University of Wyoming.
Kenji Suzuki Now the Deputy Director, Actuarial Affairs Division, Pension Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan.
Oulu Xu
Msc. Sept. 2005–Sept. 2007.
Eitan Prisman
MA, Jan.–Aug. 2003.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Haitao Song
March 2016 —
Delay differential equations and Dynamical systems
Bifurcation theory and application
Mathematical biology
Modeling and dynamics of mosquito-borne diseases.
Dr. Ziwang Deng
March 2013—
 Supported by MOECC Ontario and CIHR: Regional climate modeling and impact studies.
Dr. Xiaolan Zhou
March 2014—
 Climate modeling and projections.
Dr. Khalid Malik
April 1 2015—-
 Supported by funds from MSC/EC and MOECC: Ontario climate modeling and impact studies. Modeling of mosquito abundance and West Nile virus risk in Southern Ontario.Dr.
Dr. Renato Huzak
January—December  2016
 Bifurcation theory and applications. Multiple-scale (fast-slow) dynamics.
Dr. Wenjing Zhang
Sept. 2014 — August 2015.
Supported by NSERC: Dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, geometric singular perturbation theory and applications in mathematical biology.

Now tenure-track assistant professor at Texas Tech University.


Dr. Wendi Bao
Oct. 2014 to Sept. 2015.
Numerical methods of (partial) differential-algebraic equations; Modeling the spatial distribution of mosquito abundance and transmission of mosquito-borne diseases using free boundaries. Supported by the postdoctoral fellowship of Chinese Scholarship Council.
Dr. Longxing Qi
March 1, 2013 to February 28, 2014.
Mathematical modeling study of schistosomiasis in China. Supported by the postdoctoral fellowship of Chinese Scholarship Council. Now professor of Hefei University.
Dr. Juping Zhang
March 1, 2012– Feb. 28, 2013.
Supported by NSERC and PHAC. Now associate professor, Center of Complex systems,  Shanxi University.
Dr. Guihua Li
Sept. 1, 2010– Aug. 31, 2013.
Supported by ERA and PHAC. Now associate professor, Department of mathematics, North China University.
Dr. Hui Wan
Sept. 1, 2009–Aug. 31, 2010.
Supported by ERA. Now associate professor, School of Mathematics, Nanjing Normal University.
Dr. Guihong Fan
Feb. 1, 2008– Aug. 31, 2010.
Supported by ERA and NSERC.  Now professor at Department of Mathematics & Philosophy, Columbus State University.
Dr. Jiafeng Wang
Sept. 2008– Oct. 2011.
Supported by ERA, MOE and PHAC. Reginal climate modeling and modeling studies of West Nile virus in Ontario. Now financial modeler and analyst at TD-Bank, Toronto.
Dr. Alip Mohammed
Sept. 2008–July 2009.
Supported by PHAC. Now professor at College of Arts & Sciences, Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Dr. Venkata Duvvuri
Sept. 2006–Aug. 2008.
Supported by MITACS. Co-supervised with J. Wu.

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